About Us

advancing science

Abbott Molecular is an emerging leader in molecular diagnostics and the analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins at the molecular level. We are committed to exploring new clinical frontiers through the development and delivery of system and assay solutions that are designed to provide earlier disease diagnosis, selection of appropriate therapies and monitoring of disease recurrence. Our expanding portfolio brings multiples technologies that enable fast, accurate results. Our state of the art research and manufacturing facilities have hundreds of scientists who are dedicated to producing quality and reliable products.

Over 350 products are available in the areas of infectious disease, oncology, genetics, and automation. Some of these products include: the m2000 system which has an extensive assay menu in infectious disease featuring Abbott RealTime technology with a broad range of assays, PathVysion HER-2 DNA Probe Kit for breast cancer, ALK Break Apart FISH Probe Kit, and UroVysion Bladder Cancer Kit are important applications of the FISH technology.


progressive solutions

Abbott Molecular is a flexible company that forms partnerships to extend its services to individuals, molecular laboratories, and companies. Depending on the degree of collaboration required to expand your technology, we can partner at varying levels to provide options for licensing, worldwide distribution in over 130 countries, product development, alliances, and joint ventures. In the emerging arena of personalized medicine, Abbott Molecular is collaborating with partners to develop companion molecular diagnostic products to facilitate targeted therapy of some types of cancers linked to genetic changes.


innovative service

Beyond its leadership in technology and product offerings, Abbott Molecular distinguishes itself with the service and support it provides customers. A team of dedicated specialists is ready to provide answers to technical and application questions by phone or email. Expert training professionals will provide the knowledge and confidence you need through our centralized training center of excellence. Our dedicated specialists assist with implementation and integration of new test procedures in your laboratory and provide continued on-site support. Certified and knowledgeable field service engineers install instrumentation, conduct preventative maintenance and provide fast responsive service to meet your laboratory needs. We will continue to identify and drive new service solutions as customer needs continue to grow.