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This two-day seminar will offer general training in the basic biological principles of FISH through wet-laboratory exercises, lectures, discussion, and hands-on time, where applicable. Subjects that will be covered include:

    •    Overview of the application of UroVysion in bladder cancer and trial data
    •    Overview of specimen preparation for the UroVysion assay
    •    Specimen pretreatment and hybridization protocols
    •    Troubleshooting the assay
    •    Microscope filter requirements
    •    Use of the ThermoBrite and an overview of the VP 2000 FISH Processor
    •    Scoring and interpretation of results
This seminar is designed for those who are interested in learning the basic principles of FISH applications, procedures, and assays and application of the UroVysion Assay for bladder cancer cells.

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UroVysion 2015 Training Schedule:

May 28-29                                    
October 1-2
July 9-10                                                 
November 12-13
August 20-21